About Us

Year of establishment of the institution in Saudi Arabia is 2004,
We have been a specialized in contracting companies providing maintenance services, and interested in supporting the our partners in the field of maintenance the pipeline and factories, so after years we became a maintenance and operation institution that depends on us by our partners where the request of our services by major companies in the Gulf countries, and supporting business with our partners in the countries of the world, in 2018 it was decided to establish some other projects so that we have moved to a new stage in providing services in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom Of Bahrain under the slogan of Al Nasfan Group for Industrial and Commercial Services.


Why choose us

Drilling and Excavation

We work in digging and drilling skilled labor and manpower specialized in this field and we have the experience to work on all equipment and modern technologies in this field


Cleaning Factories

Maintenance and maintenance of factories of the large tasks that must be entrusted to one of the best specialized maintenance companies that have a reputation and long sales in this area because the factories of the most places that need periodic cleanliness of the accumulation of waste and maintain the equipment

That you are a factory owner or responsible for one of them and you need specialized companies. Our maintenance services company is the best company for its long experience in providing these services and our application of all quality standards in our dealings and services provided at the highest level and due to its long experience and our team trained at the highest level. It applies all quality standards, as well as the use of advanced equipment that finish the work with all quality.


Jetting Pipelines

Our company maintain and clean the soil from the sediment to make it pump oil or gas properly and easily with advanced equipment


Petroleum Field

We are working in the field of petroleum with our partners who have long been a source of confidence for them and have experience working with their representative oil companies


Our Vision

As for what we aspire to in our company is to supply the industrial line with all the necessary expertise and performance of the tasks assigned to us to be with our partners in the forefront and keep up with the aspirations and vision of rational leadership to reach together to 2030 ."

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